Longest Day Deca

  Longestdaydeca Here are some stats for you. Swim – 24 miles – 1520 lengths of a 25m pool. Time 16 hours 30 minutes. Transition 1 – 7 hours 5 minutes Bike – 1120 miles – 112 hours 55 minutes Transition 2 – 7 hours 3 minutes Run -     108 hours 17 minutes Total … Continue reading Longest Day Deca

Twor – 3rd time lucky!!!

Before I start I want to share my ten top tips for the Oner or Twor, whichever takes your fancy.  This does come with a warning, as I am not a coach!  They are in no particular order:- leave your ego at home, mother nature or the course will rip it from you and spit … Continue reading Twor – 3rd time lucky!!!